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Everything about Nothing

Monday, September 25, 2006

So much to do so little time

Well, I believe now is the official count down to my departure to Minnesota for our wedding.

Work days left 9days 3 hours woo hoo
Weekend days to get stuff done 3

What needs to be done well lets see part of the reason I am blogging this is so that I can actually document a list for myself because currently I have 15 lists going in different notebooks, scratch paper etc.

Get my parents a gift since they have gone above and beyhond witht the wedding.
Get my sister a gift for being the made of honor.
Make sure there is enough food for the cats and litter for when we are gone.Get house key duplicated
Wash clothes for both the week before the wedding and the honeymoon.
Don't forget earrings.
Send out label for hot sauce
Send out wedding itinerary via snail mail already done on email.

Well, that is all I can think of right now I am sure I will be adding because this just doesn't seem to be that much. How could I possibly be this on the ball?
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