Everything about Nothing: August 2006

Everything about Nothing

Friday, August 25, 2006

Ready for the weekend.

Well, it is raining which is fine by me since we are going to Minnesota for the weekend. They are having tornadoes at least a little more exciting than just rain.

Yesterday was a successful day. I finally got my new monitor at work which totally rocks. I also finally got my first commission check which was even better than I thought it would be. Then with that check I payed a radiculous amount of bills in the atm out the check book.

Well, I am off to have some coffee and start my packing.
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Been a long time

Well, where do I begin. It has been a while. I have almost settled into my job. I have taken on alot of roles and have been keeping really busy which is good it makes the days go nice and quick.

The wedding planning is going very well! The invitations go out next week. It has been crazy moving out to the east coast we have somewhere new to go to every weekend. Since we have been here we have gone to a funeral in phily, a belgian beer festival in upstate new york, climbed a mountain in new hampshire, found shoes for the wedding in providence. I love it here.

I have also been back to Minnesota for the crazy bridal showers, it is crazy how much stuff you get for getting married it is sort of embarrassing. I get to go back again this weekend because my cousin is getting married and we have to meet with the photographer, flower person, get a fitting for my dress, fitting for his tux, meet with the people where we are getting married and get to the jeweler to drop off rings for engraving and to find my man some cuff links for a gift for the wedding day.

We booked all of our reservations for the honeymoon and I think that this is what makes this whole thing feel like it is coming together. We are going to be staying right on the ocean and we are renting a jeep wrangler. I have never been to Kaui and I am super stoked.

Will try to keep this updated more often.
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