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Everything about Nothing

Thursday, May 18, 2006

What are you all about

This is a quick little list that you should copy and post on your site and then let me know when you have done it so I can check it out


Jeans: DKNY because they are stretchy
Underwear: boy shorts
Sneakers: addidas
Day Bag: coach
Socks: Socks with little snowboarders on it
Signature Accessory: Scarf

Food and Beverage

Craving: Taco Bell (there is not one near my house I haven’t had it in 3 months)
Diet plan: Don’t have one
Coffee: Dark Roast usually French Roast
Coke or Pepsi: COKE!
Beer: Guinness
Cocktail: Gin and Tonic


Cell phone: T-mobile nokia flip phone with camera
Computer: All Mac (G3, G4, and Powerbook G4)
Television: Huge Flat screen.
Favorite Toy: Turntables
Last Song Added to your iPod: Bjork

Grooming Products

Moisturizer: Aveeno with SPF15
Cologne: -----
Razor: electric
Shaving Cream: none


Favorite Music Genre: Electronic
Guilty Pleasure: Sleeping
Worst Job You Ever Had: Starbucks
Your Philosophy: You gotta keep it real
Magazine Subscriptions: MacWorld
Last Book Read: Currently reading the Psychology of Doh (the Simpsons Psychology)
Final Thoughts: Copy and post this is fun
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