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Friday, May 12, 2006

Water everywhere

About an hour ago I went out to get the mail and I here the rush of water and look up and there is water running down the hill I live under or on the side of but there was water rushing down the landscaping to my front porch. So I go to see what it was and it appeared somebody had backed into the fire hydrant right at the top of the hill. So I call management and they were really rude and it took them 10 minutes to get up the hill to see what was going on and another 10 minutes to turn off the water which I don't think they did because the water is still running down the hill an hour later and I have no water in my townhouse. My garden is now completely floating and there is dirt everywhere. So there is still water running and I can't quite figure out what they are going to do about this situation let alone adjust there attitudes in the office. Thanks for letting me bitch alittle bit. Have a good day!
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You deserve to bitch. That sounds awful. That really sucks I hate mean people. It really is easier to just be nice, but everyone is always running their own agenda. I hope your week improves. Take Care. Stop by my blog if you have a chance http://iambloggingthis.blogspot.com/
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