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Thursday, May 18, 2006


We finally had a nice day here in Boston. Alot of Mass is in a State of Emergency due to the mad amount of rain that we have recieved in the last week. But finally we have had some relief from the down pour the last two days. So yesterday I went downtown to have lunch in the Commons. My fiance and I went to the Falafel King and the guy behind the counter thought we were from Ireland. My fiance is a Mahoney 99% Irish but I am the one with the freckles. I sure will earn my new last name with my freckles. Anyway it was a splendid day.

Today I finally had a chance to get my hot peppers and tomatos in the ground. I rearrange the patio and also planted the rest of my flowers. I went over and cut some fresh lilacs and now my house smells all perty yes I said perty.

I finally have had a few bites on my resume which is awesome. I have an interview tomorrow just 4 miles from my house. Wish me luck
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Hey.. I just sorta stumbled across your blog... But GOOD LUCK ;)
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