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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Reinforcing the box spring or

Reinventing reinforcing the bed, that is the question. Last night we finally got to reinforcing the box spring, the movers needed to cut it to get it up the stairs. Well, sort of guessed as to what size we should cut the pieces of wood that we bought. Of course we needed to cut two of the pieces down a bit and being the condo dwelling couple that we have been, we don't own a saw. But we did buy a drill since my parents now live 1300 miles away and it would be a hassle to borrow theirs. So since we are both such brilliant people we decided to drill holes were the wood needed to be cut and then saw through the holes we had made. And guess what? It actually worked. Then we rigged the center support of the bed frame. You wouldn't believe these few minor adjustments would be so comfortable.
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