Everything about Nothing: April 2006

Everything about Nothing

Friday, April 21, 2006

It's been a while

Since friday I have had a friend in town so we have been doing the tourist thing of my new home. Saturday I showed her downtown and we hung out at the warf while the boys got over their hangovers. Oh, the Captain can be so awful the next day and unforgiving. We came home and bad beer bawts and asparagus on the grill it was delightful.

On Sunday, Easter, we decided to go to Cape Cod. I love this town it is so very quant and will be absolutely beuatiful when everything blooms. We came home and had to order pizza because I had left the chicken out and didn't realize we would be gone so long and didn't want us all to get food poisoning.

On Monday we journeyed to the town of Salem and went the house of Seven Gables which I would totally recommend it was awesome. Then off the witch museum which totally sucked ass. We then successfully made cabobs on the grill and piged out.

Tuesday we headed to Newbury to see all the people and beautiful row homes, of course we didn't venture into many stores because designer clothes are a bit out of the budget. I did get two record the best of Wutang and Richie Hawton. I also splurged and bought some stuff for the bath at lush. Which makes the Body Shop look like a Walmart. We then headed to Harvard Square where I bought two more records a dub compilation and Holla Back Girl and Sublime for the fiance. We then went and got some cool ass plugs for my friend and some wooden earings for myself. Then we headed back to my neck of the woods for some Sushi.

Wednesday her last day in town we explored the mall by my house and yes they have an Apple store. I think that may be a cool part time job if I need to take one.

Yesterday was unwind at the house and get back to a routine and work out day. Oh it was so lovely.

So there you have my last weeks life story. Hope you are all well.
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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Reinforcing the box spring or

Reinventing reinforcing the bed, that is the question. Last night we finally got to reinforcing the box spring, the movers needed to cut it to get it up the stairs. Well, sort of guessed as to what size we should cut the pieces of wood that we bought. Of course we needed to cut two of the pieces down a bit and being the condo dwelling couple that we have been, we don't own a saw. But we did buy a drill since my parents now live 1300 miles away and it would be a hassle to borrow theirs. So since we are both such brilliant people we decided to drill holes were the wood needed to be cut and then saw through the holes we had made. And guess what? It actually worked. Then we rigged the center support of the bed frame. You wouldn't believe these few minor adjustments would be so comfortable.
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Monday, April 10, 2006

Items lost in the move...not many

The move was a complete success. The only thing we lost was an antique Guiness mug straight from Ireland. Yes I saw a tear in my fiances eye but he had actually packed this box and the movers just reinforced it with paper. In the grand skeem of things this was no big deal our lovely art made it here and the tv's are all functioning the way they should. There were a few things times that I was nervous about any loses but there weren't any. Do you have any horror stories of moves? Also, I am looking for cool places to check out while living in Boston, if any of you have any places let me know.
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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Home at Last

Finally we have a home. Ok really it is just a house since we are still not settled in. Due to the Tornadoes last week our movers were delayed a day so our stuff showed up a day late. It took me two days to unpack the kitchen and the two bedrooms and sift through all the shit I had in storage. The good thing is that we are actually going to have enough room for all of our stuff. Today we finally got the internet up and running and unpacked all of our computers. So I am back to the blog world.

The poor movers had to move our stuff while it was snowing out. And we had to cut the box spring in half to get it up to our bedroom. Today we went to Home Depot to get the reinforcements and picture hangers. Tomorrow we decorate woo hoo. Our neighbors seem cool and hopefully can let us in on what cool here in Boston.
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Monday, April 03, 2006

It was a long road but we made it

After spending 3, 10 hour days in the car we are here. We have done nothing but sleep and eat since friday. Who would have thought sitting in the car for that long would be so tiring. The cats did a great job, they cried a bit but were fine once they got to a hotel room. They have become traveling kitties. Tomorrow the movers will arrive and we will be settled once and for all. I will keep you updated on our journey.
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