Everything about Nothing: February 2006

Everything about Nothing

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ants in my pants

Ok, so I am now ready to get the show on the road with this moving thing. I am over being sad about the fact that I have put tons and tons of man hours, emotion and hard work into my condo that I have only live in for 14 months. It is finally the way I want it and it is time to move. In case you all hadn't been informed yet, I get bored easily. I have been at this job for 5 months and I enjoy it but now that there is a possibility to get another job in another state I am ready to go and this place isn't as appealing. The fiance is going to meet his soon to be new boss today and next week he will be going out to Boston to actually check out the location of the new job. I just wish we had all the information because I have the ants in my pants.

Plus, we haven't told my parents yet and that is going to be a very hard thing to do.

We have been getting everything together though, I got my jewelry for the wedding, to die for. I will need to leave everything at my parents house or I will end up wearing them and I can't do that.

Anyway I am ready to go, I have been putting all of my portfolio together and have started getting things together to post on my new website which I will reveal when there is something there. Hopefully soon, right?

Have a good one!
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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Exactly 1 year left in my twenties

We are going to a giant indoor water park for the night. We saying it is our exotic vacation away. I am just stoked I don't have to work for the next three days.
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Monday, February 20, 2006

Who thought Creativity cost this much

I finally did it and I almost passed out. Yes I just spent 1200$ on software. We have tried to bit torrent it but didn't have a registration code and now we have been trying for over a month and we only have half of it. So I said fuck it. I figure I need to have a registered licensed copy if I am going to really get my graphic design company going right. So now I don't have to worry about it in the future I just need to do upgrades. I am so happy I can now go crazy because for the first time ever I have every program at my disposal.

The one thing I realized at the Apple store while checking out, is that I could have a 2nd car by now considering all the money I have spent there in the last couple of years.

Still anxiously awaiting our next move on the Boston Transfer. Any good advice would be great. We will be working in West Boston anyone know any places I should check out or any cool places to live your help would be appreciated.

And to all of you out there who have the day off, I AM JEALOUS!
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Friday, February 17, 2006

Calling all Bostonians or Former Bostonians

Hey All

Just wondering anyone out there could give me some tips about Boston. Like what is the free paper with events there? In Minneapolis it is the Citypages. Also, where is a good place to live are some places worth the expense? How is the job market. Anyone need a graphic designer? Anything you got will be greatly appreciated.
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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Unexpected Visit

This morning was busy at work and I was in the back trying to get this job done for a customer and when I get up front I see my fiance. Which is strange since he works downtown and I work 1/2 mile away from our condo. I finish up with the customer and as him whats up. Oh, I just came to see you flowers. Well, what a nice surprise, then he says "did you get my text message?" "No, it's been busy whats up" This is where it gets exciting. He has been offered a position in Boston. And they will fly us to check it out, pay for all the expenses and help me get a job in my field. Plus this is the best he will double his salary. And we will be able to move back to Minnesota after a few years so then I can have kids near my folks. I can't stop thinking about it but it is scary I have a wedding to plan here in Minnesota so do I move it up, do I stay here while he is there. I am freaked to tell my parents they will be really bumbed out. Argh filled with excitement. So anyone know anything about Boston they would like to share?
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My First Flowers

Yes I know that this is sappy but I had to post them for many reasons.
1. They are not the stereotypical Roses
2. They are the first flowers I have gotten on Valentines day that weren't from my mother. (and yes I have had boyfriends in the past on this holiest of days)
3. This the last Valetines that I will not be married.

Last night I went looking for something sexy for the evening. I am not too into the whole langere (see i can't even spell it) thing. First of all I am not into thong underware. I just don't get it and i have always been a non clothe wearing person. But I thougt why not do something special. Well, I will tell you why not, I have gained a bit of wait but didn't really notice until I am standing half naked in from of the mirror in a large of what ever I am wearing and it is way too small. Now when I said I gained alittle wait I meant I know look like an average thin women instead of a skinny ass eating disorder chick. So why don't the large sizes fit me. Anyway I will feel weird in it an he will like it isn't that what it is all about anyway.

Happy Valentines day!
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Monday, February 13, 2006

100 Things about me

100. I am a daughter
99. A sister to a sister
98. I have had every job possible (just about)
97. Retail in High School
96. Waitress first gig at Embers
95. Telemarketer
94. Lift Operator at a Ski Resort
93. Supervisor at T-Shirt Shop
92. Supervised Coffee Shop
91. Managed a Jewelry Store
90. Receptionist
89. Web designer
88. Graphic Designer
87. Typsetter
86 Now printing
85. My degree is Graphic Design and
84. Accounting
83. My Favorite color is Purple
82. You couldn't pay me to go back to High School without any heavy medication
81. Finished a 4 year degree in alittle over 2.5 years
80. I snowboard have for 12
79. Play the violin have for 20 years
78. Danced competitvely for 15 years
77. Was a cheerleader
76. and hated it with a passion
75. the cheerleaders made me a smoker of cigarettes
74. My first kiss was 17
73. Lost virginity on Cinco de Mayo
72. When I was 21
71. yes I was a late bloomer
70. to the same person I got my first kiss from
69. I love skateboarders always have always will
68 Will marry a skateboarder
67. On friday the 13th of October
66. Proud mom of Sidney and Stella
65. they are cats
64. So glad to be done with dating
63. Love hondas
62. Have an obsession with handbags these days
61. have turned into a girly girl but not really
60. smoked pot at the age of 18
59. quite 2 years ago
58. would definately do it again under the right circumstances
57. left home at 18 and never looked back
56. lived alone for the past 8 years
55. until august when the fiance moved in
54. bought my first condo a year ago
53. have been to europe
52. have been to at least 22 states
51. have lived in colorado
50. in the mountains
49. have my business
48. want kids just not today
47. love video games
46. texas hold'em
45. Sushi i could eat it everyday
44. have crapped my pants
43. and have crapped out in the open down town (not by choice)
42. love bjork
41. have never seen her in concert
40. have seen tons of concerts
39. I love to read
38. Tom Robbins is the best
37. Wicked is one of my favorites
36. Will only own an Apple
35. already own g4 laptop
34. g4
33. g3
32. mini
31. ipod of course
30. own turn tables
29. have actually played out a few times
28. started riding a two wheeler at 3.5 years old
27. wish I owned an adult big wheel
26. go sledding in the winter
25. like to dance romantically when it is snowing and catching in the head lights of the car
24. love naps
23. and sleeping
22. have a turtle named stubs
21. had a gecko named Hood Rat
20. A fish named Eliot
19. Also one named Elizabeth but she was a bitch
18. Don't shave as much as I should
17. have gained 30lbs which I needed in the past year
16. Have disowned my family
15. reowned them because I love them
14. hate diamonds
13. have 10 email address that I use
12. got a big raise this year
11. can walk to work
10. my favorite beer is Two Hearted
09. and of course Guinness
08. used to like jaguarmiester
07. now I just gagged thinking about it
06. love music
05. it is what makes the world go around
04. will honeymoon in hawaii
03. i have never been
02. can't believe I actually came up with this list
01. must go to the bathroom
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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

100th Post

Woo hoo the balloons have fallen.

Anyway I am still being an ornary bitch. I usually am at this time of the year but I especially bugging the shit out of myself. I don't know what I want out of life, for my birthday or out of the stuff that I should be doing but am not because I am just not doing it. I don't feel like doing anything. I don't like shopping wtf, I am not creative my body hurts and I am just straight up annoyed and annoying. So there you have it hope things are going better for you all.
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Friday, February 03, 2006

Take a Chill Pill

Thats what they said in my long overdue review. Of course I have reached goals in four months that most people don't reach in 5 years. So at least i got some good news. And yes sometimes I get pissed but I don't think that I have directly freaked on anyone or at least I haven't tried to. However, it has been frustrating with people doing there jobs on the less thorough side. The main thing is I am here to learn this side of the business because I already know that part. But yes I do need to take a chill pill or at least change my tone to reflect what I am actually feeling because often times I come off more pissed then I am.

I am on a bit of a downer these days. After the whole christmas slaying of my feelings with the fiance's family, it has still been a struggle with them. His mom doesn't think about what she is saying when she speaks and she pretty much makes shit up to start something with my mother non the less. And my mother the women who raised me who I intern raised to be more mature actually defused the situation and changed the subject. But whatever his mom is crazy. She chose not to say hi to me on Saturday and then whips around says "We need to get this out in the open, I never called you dumb and ugly" Me very shocked replied, "I didn't know that any of that was said, I think we need to put all of this behind us." Even though I didn't think there was a huge problem plus I thought we meaning her and fiance and I talked it out and were fine. Apparently not.

Last night I was in the mood to shop and super happy about it I have to be in the mood you know. And the fiance decides to tell me that I am no longer invited to dinner gatherings with his family that it will be family only. Sweet I am not family nice welcome into starting a life with their son. So he carries on and also lets me know that it's not his mom who doesn't like me it is his dad. Oh and of course his sister you know she used me and disrespected me and hates me and wants to break up our engagement (yeah that was christmas) To me this is all bull shit to hate some one they don't know. Yeah so here I will tell all of you about me:

I came from a fucked up mentally and physically abusive background (which my family has since worked out and we try to leave in the past) I was a cheerleader, on a top competing dance line not affliated with my high school, Division 1 soccer team, sat 3rd chair in the orchestra lettered too many times to count or care. Yes I was an over achiever. Went to a private college that I paid for and still pay for. Worked 60 hours a week while attending school that I got a bachelors degree in 2.75 years. I have lived by myself for 7 years and have done it all on my own. Have gotten beaten by a boyfriend who I left without anywhere to live with a broken nose and several other scars that I think are finally healing after 4 years.I have 2 cats that I have had for 5 years and they are still alive. Have bought everyone of my 5 cars. Have had close incounters with the dark side of precancerous cervical cells. The list goes on as you can see I have worked hard for myself and have made it though a shit load of things. I don't know about you but I would think that most parents would want there sons to marry a women who can take care of herself.

Ok enough about my rant I just need to voice somethings and release some pain.

You all have a great weekend and I will have a nice time spending some quality time away from family slash that non family.
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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I really don't drink this much coffee

I realized yesterday that my desk was looking like a coffee shop with a million thermos' to sell. So I took a few home, well today I realized I still have four sitting here. Am I really that lazy, not really just forgetful I guess. The funny part is I don't drink that much coffee. I have a half a cup before I leave my house and then I bring one of the many thermos' to work and I usually only drink half before it gets cold. These are small cups to the same size as the smalls at your favorite coffee shop. The funny thing is a year ago I had one coffee cup and if I didn't bring it home at night I didn't have one for the morning. I decided to buy a back up because it had a handle and seemed alittle nicer and then all of a sudden we have a million. We each got one from my work x-mas party and bb got one from his work for xmas. His sucks and I mean you have to suck the coffee out of this damn thing. The breather hole must be nonexistant. Well enough of my coffee talk hope you have a good day!
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