Everything about Nothing: November 2005

Everything about Nothing

Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving Success

This Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful, the older I get the better it gets and it doesn't have to do with the fact that I can drink during these functions. My family has finally gotten their shit together and can have a fun time together, yes we still poke fun but we don't poke at stuff we know has been bothering eachother without the families input.

I got to hang out with my cousin who is also getting married and we actually went to the bar and chilled without the family.

Friday was the day of snow and relaxing. Later in the evening we went and bought a bunch of boardgames and played till late in the night.

Saturday I got a bug up my butt to go shopping so I decided to actually start my x-mas shopping which I usually don't do until the week of. I am stoked with my purchases and it is nice to spread it out a bit. I decided to give my niece my old G3 it is a great computer and I really don't need 3 computers do I? Yes and no but she will be really excited.

Hope you all had a fabulous long weekend.
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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Why you gotta be like that

So it's a holiday weekend which means my fiance's parents are down in florida soaking up some son. While they are there they have their daughter take care of the dogs and they buy her a plane ticket to San Francisco for her trouble. Ummm, she lives there for free and drives their car. Oh and doesn't have a job and stays out partying till all hours of the night. Well, last thanksgiving it was the same deal and we decided to stop by after snowboarding to visit with the dog and there is no food or water and the dog is out of her cage running around. Oh and there is shit and piss flippin' everywhere. Yeah, the daughter/sister decided to go to Missouri for a few days. WTF can you say get your shit together this is a defenseless dog who is used to being pampered and she was a puppy.

Ok, now lets fast forward to this year. Today, the day before Thanksgiving the fiance gets a panic call from florida. (side note his parents are really cool and are not freaks and give this girl everything) They have a shared account, at the age of 27 I wonder why and she overdrafts all of the time and just keeps spending when the money has run out. Well, if your a parent you understand those feelings you get when something is just not right with your kids well they apparently got this feeling. (side note 2 you shouldn't have to even think that that feeling exists anymore after the kid is out of their mid-twenties) They decided to go online and check out her spending habits like they do periodically and can since they are the ones who put the money in there and they see withdrawls from Newark, NJ. We live in Minnesota it's not like she was there for a few hours. So now it is our problem to take care of the dogs because now there are 2.

The weird thing is all week we have been leaving her messages to see if she was coming over to my parents house for the holiday. We haven't heard anything until today apparently she just got the 20 messages we have left since Sunday.

Now let me continue to be frank, I have been a fuck up in my life not anything serious just alittle misguided by my attitude and maybe the people around me but I would never fuck with an animal. I also realized several years ago that I really didn't like myself when I acted like that nor did I want to be like that forever. So I made a plan to start changing and this was several years ago and this girl is only a year younger than me. I know not everyone can be as perfect as me :) but come on get it together. Ok enough ranting I have 10 minutes more of work and then its beer time.

I am so excited to eat like a crazy lady I think I may be drewling.

What I am thankful for-

That I have a great family that has changed for the better.
My fiance who I will have a family with someday
My job
My health (it could be worse)
My cats
My friends
All the great people I meet day in and day out
And of course all you great people out there in blog land thank you for all your great stories

Happy Turkey day
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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Must See TV

Yes I will start out by calling myself a nerd because of the TV that I watch.

1. Crossing Jordan (My dad saw, I missed while in Beaver Creek)
2. ER
3. CSI Anything
4. Veronica Mars
5. Americas Next Top Model
6. Intervetion
7. Family Guy
8. War At Home (I served coffee to the Dad)
9. American Dad
10. Mad TV
11. Sex in the City
12. What not to Wear
13. I want that
14. Vacation Homes
15. Pretty much anything on HGTV or TLC
16. What is that show called that Amber Thieson (90120 & Saved by the Bell) is in will all the cars and stuff Fast Lane. This used to be my saturday morning line up.
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Tuesday or Thursday of the Work Week

The owner of the company announced that we will get friday off but it won't be paid. I am super happy because it probably would have been me and one other person there on friday since I am the newbie and I am the last of people to get vacation days. Meaning if anyone else in my department asks for the same day off as me, even if I asked for it first, they get senority. I will have to hurt someone who decides to take off time the same time as my wedding/honeymoon.

We went to the grocery store last night to get fixins for chilli and we grabs some yogurt coffee and condoms. This store doesn't usually have baggers but the MV boys high school Rugby team was bagging for us and you should have seen them giggle when they had to touch the condoms. They were fumbling around and I was laughing my ass off.

I love short work weeks because it is Tuesday but really it is Thursday I can't wait to have a long weekend of eating and sitting around. Next week will be short for me as well because of surgery. The one thing that does suck is the paycheck will reflect the no working. Oh, well health is more important than money anyway.
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Monday, November 21, 2005

Free Time

This weekend I finally got to somethings around the house that I have been putting off for quite some time. Putting my summer close away. I could have done this probably 2 months ago but in my mind it was a big project because I had to let go/get rid of a bunch of clothes. I have a hard time parting with clothing especially clothing I like and is in good shape but just doesn't fit anymore. So Sunday was the day I woke up early and started sifting through the closet with a rubbermaid for the clothes I was putting away for the season and 3 boxes of stuff to give to the goodwill. I was interupted by my grawling stomach and over half way through and that is as far as I got.

I met up with an old friend for lunch on Saturday who is a massage therapist and we decided that we are going to do a trade for work. I am going to teach her the cello and she will work with my body. This is a great trade and I am excited to get started. I love teaching and what a great way through music.

It looks as though I won't be working my part time job anymore because there just isn't work. I wish I would have gotten at least an email telling me so I wouldn't have to drive the whole way out there. I will be picking up my computer this week and letting them know that it looks like they can handle it on their own. If they need webwork they can let me know. I am alittle disapointed but it will free some time up for me to work on my own projects.
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Friday, November 18, 2005

Change a bit of color

So I changeds the color scheme just a bit. I like the red with the purple I think it works rather well.

I of course missed ER. We went and gorged on Sushi at our favorite place. The server there is amazing she knows our names and i don't remember ever telling her mine. They are moving to a new location where it will be bigger and better and more choices yeah. They have the freshest fish ever and they aren't expensive at all.

After that we came home and rocked the house tag teaming the turntables, i had a bit of Saki that is still making it's way out of my head just in time to go home and start again.

Tomorrow my friend is doing a live set at an Art Opening. I haven't seen him live in years. He is the one who got me started on the whole dancing seen. We used to go to raves when we were younger and we were so naive we didn't even realize everyone was on drugs. We were high on life, cigarettes and coffee. We would shake or asses all night. I so wish there was a place that actually played good music and I wish I still had the stamina I did 10 years ago.

Hope you all have a great weekend I am counting down the minutes to end one the worst days of dealing with people ever.
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Thursday, November 17, 2005

What a trooper

I went to visit my sister after her operation, she had extra skin removed from her tummy and a boob lift (she lost 140lbs) and she looked great. They were able to perform the operation without touching her stomach muscle and removed 5lbs of skin from her stomach. WOW. She is keeping a good head about her which is amazing for how intrecate of a procedure she had. Hats off to her.

Something has been on my mind for a little over a week now. A friend of mine just had a baby which is great. They have had their dog for 2 years and Basha was a rescued dog and has really grown to be a great pup and a lot more welcoming to people over that time in fact he loves people now. About a week after they had the baby his dad was clipping his toe nails and cut too deep and so he nipped at his owner. Apparently, this was enough for the new mother to put him to sleep. I am a bit disturbed, I know that if I had just had a baby I would be extra protective but under the circumstances I don't think it was right to put him down. Toenails are very sensitive on dogs in fact you should just let a groomer do it for you I think that the dog had every right to get pissed or at least react the way he did. I am sure the new mommy was scared but come on give the dog a break he just got a new baby and was trying to adjust and he got hurt. I even have a tendancy to bite when someone cuts too deep into my finger nail. So what do you all think? Please let me know either way what you would do in this circumstance, I am a big animal love but I also adore babies am I being irrational. I am having a hard time even talking to them because I am so upset about this, which I know is lame.

I think tonight will be a bottle of wine and playing records and relaxing night. And of course I won't miss ER.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bad News...Go shopping

Last week when I went to the doctor for some tests she said if no one calls you by the end of the week you are good to go. So friday rolls around and 4:30 rolls around which is when the doctors office closes and no phone call. I was really happy they got all the icky stuff back in May woo hoo. So last night I get home from work and there is the doctors note, opening it excitedly, because I was sure I got an A on the test because if I hadn't they would of called right? Wrong the news in the letter was worse then the news I imagined I would have gotten last week via the telephone. Needless to say it was a bit of a let down so I did what I needed to do I braved the first day of snow and headed to the mall for some shopping. I ended up spending more on my fiance because quite frankly I couldn't help it I got him the cutest outfit ever for work. He has been in important meetings all week and damnit you gotta look good for that right! But then I was thinking why did I do that because now all the chicks and gay men in the Skyways will be checking him out. The outfit I got him he would never have bought for himself but he digs it more than I actually thought he would. I bought a few pairs of pants but I was on the verge of opening a marshall fields charge card to put a really expensive purse on it but then reality set in and my inner voice was saying "Don't do it" "But I don't have a really nice purse, you know I am an adult you know" "Don't do it" "Pleeeaaaasssee, I had a hard day" "Don't do it" So then I just ran out the door and didn't do it. It doesn't mean that I won't do it in the future while christmas shopping.

I didn't sleep much last night needless to say. I woke up and was able to get an appointment for the 30th of November so I won't have to wait forever. I also questioned the nurse as to why I didn't call but because she has been trained how to be nice to people and make them think they are wrong because Doctors offices do everything by the book she simply said "They must have called and not gotten ahold of you." Yeah right I have a freakin' cell phone and there was nothing all week. Oh and of course there was no apology. I did request and will again when I go in for further exploring to let them know I want a call for sure good or bad or I will hound them until I get an answer. I usually do that anyway but I didn't this time, I guess I just wanted to believe everything will be all good.

Anyway it will, if I ever get to have pleasurable sex again. I have the sweetest fiance ever but I still get worried that he will dump me because our sex life pretty much has sucked big time for the last 6 months. On that note I am out of here have a good day and have sex for me or a beer or glass or wine or whatever.
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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What to do

A few months ago I switched jobs more money and more the direction I want to be going. I have kept my old job on a part time basis and I get a lot of (lack of a better word) shit from the office manager. When I worked there I was her pee on that figured out anything she couldn't, which was a lot. I stayed on to help the owner not this woman. This lady will leave me nasty emails saying stuff needs to be done or needing my help but then not taking it. Some weeks I work 20 hours because she is incompetant and other weeks I go in for 45 minutes which really is a waste of my time. I even had to bring my own computer in so I could rework there website. It is now getting to the point that it is more hassle than anything and more stress than a part time job should be. I am thinking about calling it quits but for some reason I feel guilty. Part of me wants to blow her cover because she has given herself mad bonus' that equal more than what I made there in 6 months. But to be quite honest blowing her cover isn't my style anymore. I just need to make a decision.
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Monday, November 14, 2005

No news is good news

The weather in this part of the US has been very weird. On friday it was 60 degrees outside and for the middle of November that is so weird. Then we had a thunder and lighteniing storm on Saturday. When I was a kid there was a ton of snow already in November and we were having fun frolicking. Aparently they are forcasting snow which means it will be 80 degrees and sunny. I don't mind one bit. It was rather frosty today but I have underground parking at home and thank my lucky stars. No scraping the windows or getting rid of the snow and the best part not freezing my ass off when I get into the car in the morning.

No news is good news I guess. I was sapposed to get bad news via the telephone by the end of last week if something turned out in my tests. Or I will get it in writing that everything is all good. So it looks like I am on looking good and safe for a while. Woo hoo. I just wish they would call you asap reguardless of good or bad just so I can stop thinking about it. I guess I just want to know what my negative result was for exactly. Ok enough of that.

So does anyone have any good quit smoking programs that they would like to share with me. Because yet again the time of the year has come where I feel so guilty that I am still smoking and want to quit but I really need some help. I can say over the last 3 years my smoking has decreased from tops of a pack and a half a day to now where I smoke maybe 5 - 7. Almost there but having a hard time, it just can't go on anymore. I am looking into a detox program with vitamins and differant things to flush the nicotine addiction out of my system. Again if anyone has any good ones I am all ears.

Have a splendid week.
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Friday, November 11, 2005

A wee bit of a rant

Ok, so what is up with no bedside manners and lack of confidentiality in the doctors off-ice these days?

First whe the fiance woke up from his surgery a couple a weeks ago the nurse was a total bitch. Not the time a patient wants someone to act that way, they are looking for someone to comfort them, isn't that why they pay through the nose for treatment?

Then he gets a call from the nurse saying that they had gotten the cyst. Good. But then his mother goes to the doctor and the nurse dished out that was actually a benign cyst. So we have two problems the nurse not reading the chart right and reporting right or is it wrong information to the patient. Then breaching the confidentiality contract by discussing it with his mother. He is a grown man for god sakes well over the age of 18.

Now back to bed side manner. My sister went in for her pre op and the nurse thought she may need to grab a bigger blood pressure gage for her arm until she felt it and set "oh your arm isn't as big as I thought." WTF.

So then she goes into the doctor and the doctor (who thank god isn't her surgen) tries to freak her out about her operation by telling a story about a woman who WANTED a tummy tuck and died and left her husband with two kids. She kept trying to tell my sister how dangerous anethetic is. Well, duh but would she have acted this way if it was someone coming in to get their tonsils out. Come on.

So I am a little outraged by the lack of carrying that is going on in our hospitals and doctors office. The place you go to get your body fixed is now a place you dread more than you initially did.

I am lucky I have worked with good caring people.

If your in the health field stick up for us patients when you see your co-workers pull this shit.

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Contact made

A few posts ago I talked about all the great people in my life. Well, my friend Julie has been in Alaska all summer and I haven't been able to get a hold of her. But alas she replied to my email. She seems to be doing well, she is back in portland and has a job at the Breast Cancer Center that is a permenant position-Go Julie. She is living with her boyfriend that she has been dating longer than any other man. However the bad news is her brother was diagnosed with cancer and it may be terminal, I can't believe it the last time I saw him he was doing so well and looking healthy. I will be thinking good thoughts for him and her family.

She is totally going to flip when she finds out I am getting married it is so cool to tell people even if it has been a while since the engagement.

Today, my mother is saying good bye to a friend who has had cancer for the last year. She was a fighter and shed great light on all the people in her life. So my thoughts are with my mother and the family.

Pretty depressing week for the cancer victims but then again it is fall and that always brings sadness.

Keep your heads up dear readers and remember life is short be nice to people and live your life to the fullest.
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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Making a list checking it twice

People always ask what do you want for christmas and I usually say nothing really. Because really I can't think of anything I really want that a) I have it or b) I wouldn't ask for something that rediculous. My fiance is the perfect person for me because he actually remembers the things that I want and say in passing. I forget I even want something until he gets it for me. It is great and very thoughtful. However, he usually ends up spilling the beans and tells me. So it isn't even Thanksgiving and I have been informed of my present which is something I have dreamed of but would never by for myself until I am making really good money. He is going to by me turntables and a mixer holy shit I am super stoked. We found someone on craigslist who is selling the whole set up and the box for cheap. We are hoping to check it out tonight and if someone else is interested we are ready to offer more. Wacka Wacka oh and it comes with two crates of records.

Then all I have to do is get the right outs to plug into my computer and record. And then it is sweet mixes in the ipod. It has been a while since I have had daily access to a set of tables. I may never come out of my office if I get these things. I may indeed drop off the face of the planet. Ok not really.

So what is on your christmas list?
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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

In Limbo in Health

Yesterday was another follow up visit to see if they were able to get my stage three precancerous cells removed from my cervix a few months ago. Well, I will get bad news by the end of the week or good news in the mail sometime next week. I love the waiting game. In the mean time she believes I have endametriosis and an infections. Hmm maybe that is why sex has been extremely uncomfortable/unenjoyable for all these months. She prescribed the pill so I now must quit smoking and hopefully that will help my problems. Otherwise we will start physical therapy. What I want to know is how do you do physical therapy on a womens cervix? Really, I have been thinking about this and it is way to intriguing, any ideas? I am very hopeful that everything turns out ok it's alot easier the 5th time around the newness of possibly having cancer wears off, I guess. Plus it really gives me an edge on living life to the fullest because really cancer or no cancer we can all get hit by a car, bus, garbage truck you get the picture.
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Sunday, November 06, 2005

While the cat is away...the mouse will relax

This weekend has been very rejuvinating, just what the doctor ordered. The boys went hunting so that left me to my old ways of having the house to myself. Saturday afternoon I got a bunch of work done and finally got caught up, it's like a breath of fresh air being on top of bills and work. Then I met up with an old friend that I haven't talked to in forever which was really cool because he brought his neighbor her name the same as mine and we went and played pool. Mid way through the game it hit me we went to school together up at umd back in 95-97 how weird is that. Then the show started it was a bunch of hip hop dj's thrownin' down the mad records so of course I had to shake my ars what else can you do when you got a live groove right in front of you. I called it an early night, I was looking forward to reading in bed with my cats, consuming the whole queen sized bed. Woke up this morning feeling fantastic got the rest of the website I have been working on uploaded without a hitch, I love when that happens. Then it was off to meet my sister for impromptu coffee and then lunch. She was having a rough day and justed needed to talk plus she is having extensive surgery next week and is feeling alittle overwhelmed with all the things she needs to do prior to being bedridden for a couple of weeks.

I am sooooo proud of my sister. She is six years older than me and has a hard time putting some of our family issues to rest but I think she is finally there. She had gained a lot of weight years ago and had a really hard time losing it because it was emotional bagage fat. Over the last year she has lost one of me 140lbs. She looks fabulous and you tell that a lot of weight has been lifted from her as well she actually glows again. Due to the fact that she was quite heavy and now a great size her stomach skin is unable to heal back to it's normal elasticity so she will be getting all the extra stuff removed and a boob lift. Currently, her boobs are where her stomach is and her stomach is where her thighs are. I am strongly against plastic surgery as noted in past blogs of my mothers neck lift, but this plastic surgery is for all the right reasons and I fully support and am enthusiastic about her choice. It is so nice to have my sister back after many hard years between us.

I cleaned up the house right before this and now I am signing out to sit and watch some tivoed shows I have missed the last couple weeks.

Have a great week!
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Friday, November 04, 2005

Just like the olden days

Back in the day we would hang out under a train bridge and throw up grafhetti. Well last night I got to relive my childhood. I still got it. The friend I was will likes to do the mens room she thinks that she won't get caught, I guess it's a good plan. She is ruthless and the whole funny part is she never did it when she was young but started just a few months ago. She isn't old school like me. I managed to impress her by my mad ability to express myself in marker on the bathroom wall. The part that sucks is I go to this place rather often so I really hope no one knew it was me. I guess I will have to go low profile for a bit. Probably good anyway.

Now go out there and do something you haven't done in years.
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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The New Halloween Tradition

For the last couple of years my mom has been having us kids over for chili on Halloween and of course check out all the little kids that they get at their house. I live in a condo where there aren't many if any kids so I don't get any traffic.

Last year they ran out of candy and had to turn the light out early. But this year my mother was determined to have enough candy on hand for a small army. Of course the kids that got bussed in last year didn't come because there wasn't enough candy. Lucky for the kids that still came though because we loaded them up they were looking at us like we were crazy.

As I was driving Grandma home I realized there just aren't many trick or treaters anymore. It is kind of sad, will there be a Halloween when I finally have kids?
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