Everything about Nothing: October 2005

Everything about Nothing

Monday, October 31, 2005

Inspired by another blogger

Sizzle sure does get my brain going.

This is my bought with feminism. I really am not too. thrilled by the perversions of men in the work place. A few years ago I worked at a non-profit that did half way housing for various types of people from people trying to remain sober to sex offenders given a chance after getting out of jail. I worked in the Administrative building as a Secretary yes that was my official title. The building was located next to one of the house predominately for sex offenders and I really didn't have too much trouble with them.

I did however have trouble with someone who worked in accounting. He was a loner type guy and I would ocassionaly join him for a cigarette outside. One day he decided to make some inuendos about me being a striper, I politely told him no I was talking about ballet dancing and he kept it up, making disgusting faces as well again I told him to knock it off. Well, he wouldn't and I was then made very uncomfortable. So I walked up to human resources and stated that I was letting them know of the situation of course nothing was done. However, a week later I was fired, I just wasn't working out right. Hmmm what a coincidence.

Two years later I moved in with my parents for a short period of time and my mom stated that so and so called do you know him? I thought about it and sure enough it was this sick pig. The weird thing is my parents name was not anywhere in my file at work and as far as anyone knew at the time I was astranged from my family and not having any contact. He just kept calling and calling finally I called my old work and asked them what this was in reference to. He apparently harrassed the other two gals in the office and he was bringing them to court. Mean while he was leaving messages on my parents machine saying it was in my best interest to call him. It came out that he thought that I would want to get back at the nonprofit by defending him in the court of law. WHAT, I don't think so.

That was the weirdest situation ever. The funny thing is my mom had answered the phone a couple of times and was able to describe this guy to the T. Both physically and what kind of car he drove. Mom's do have some amazing skills. But that is ancient history now.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Shout out to the people I love dearly

Not in order of importance but chronalogical.

Kyle- I met this young chap way back in junior high orchestra. I have always played the violin but my orchestra teacher was looking for another bass to complete our sound and since I always love learning something new I picked it up. We had 7th and 8th grade orchestra at different times of the day and Kyle was in the other class. Him and his bass budies thought it would be funny to hide the rosin on us girl bassest. This just start a rival and then a great friendship. Once we made it to high school we had class together and realized we loved kickin' it together. Of course it helped that he was year older than me and could drive. We would just cruise on the weekends and go to coffee shops and just talk. This guy helped me through a really tough time in my life and gave me what I needed to move on from a f'ed up child and teenage home life. He has always been there for me when I need someone who could shed som light on me. I love you Kyle.

Dana- Again I met this guy in high school and because boys need to be mean to girls. We grew up across the pond from eachother but weren't good friends until English class where he made fun of my flat chest over and over again. This dude never studied or even read the assignments and would just kick ass, I studied and it didn't work out for me too well. Anyway we really became friends when I asked him to buy me cigarettes he was a senior but had already turned 18 the summer before. So then of course he would drive me to school. We have remained good friends through thick and thin. I dated his best friend for 4 years and they are no longer friends due to the lovely break up his friend and I had. He too has been the morter that has held my house together, the voice of wisdom. I love you D.

Julie- I met this rad chick my freshman year of college when we were crazy gals just out of their parents house. We totally found ourselves and pressed the limits of life and philosophies of life. We have been living all over the place since and everytime we see eachother it's like we never left eachother. When I moved back to minnesota she managed to get me an internship at her place of employment that was super cool. She is currently in Alaska and she has yet to find out about my engagement and the fact that she is hopefully going to be in my wedding. I love you Hulifer.

Lisa- When I moved to Denver all by myself and started Art school at the ripe old age of 21 I met Lisa in my first class. We had to introduce ourselves and she said that she had gone to MCAD in Minneapolis so when we went out for a cigarette we chatted about Minnesota and why she went there from Colorado. This was the begining of many a crazy girl times. She comes out to visit me at least once a year and we have such a good time. She has been a great listener to me while I was away from my crazy family and she has now had the opportunity to put together the puzzle pieces by meeting them and seeing their insane ways. I am always trying to get her to move out here. Ilove you Lis.

Bill- The love of my life. I ask myself daily where did this guy come from. We met on friendster if that isn't hilarious I had signed up because I have so many friends all over the country and we wanted to share pictures and stuff. Well, I think that I saw his profile and loved it, it was whitty and down to earth, so I wrote him a what up in hopes of having a decent person to Snowboard with. He was the only one I actually talked to outside of my friends. One day he asked me to go to a show. I was weirded out even though I know that it wasn't a date and we had never even talked on the phone. Anyway we met and as they say the rest is history. We clicked and have such a great time together. He is a nice solid match for me who has exactly what I need out of a life person. I looooovvvveee you billy.

K-dog- This is bills sister we hated eachother for quite a while but now we are rockin it. We are total retards together and act like 2 year olds, this is always important to have a party buddy who can keep up and who feeds off of your own funiness. We are mad krunk. I love you sister in law.

I will probably continue to update this list but these are the few that I just needed to mention because I think about them all the time. I am very thankful to have such great people in my life.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Have you ever had anything stolen?

It could be physical or emotional. I have had my share of both I can tell you that and I believe that it is now in my past. But just for reminecing sake todays blog will be about things taken.

The first thing I ever had stolen from me was a doozy. I was moving out of state in a few days and I was carrying around my back pack full of important stuff as well as my address book so I could stay in touch with all of my friends that all seemed to be taking off as well on their own journey around the world. Well, I went to get gas and had a weird feeling so I had my friend get out of the car and stand with me while I pumped my gas. I guess I didn't lock the door to my car while I went to pay and somebody stole my backpack with just about everything in it. The best part is they decided to through it in an alley after they realized there really wasn't anything they would want in it.

Then there was the several years of my early twenties that I had my heart stolen many times by big huge losers. I sure did learn quick that I was very naive and allowed people to take advantage of me. In that time period I also had many "friends" steel money I had hidden around my house for emergancy's.

The last bit of stealing of my soul and what not happened about 2 1/2 years ago. In a matter of a month I had a boyfriend (if you call him that) steal my life by abusing and humiliating me and making me feel like I was of no importance to anyone. He did a good job because everyone who encountered me realized my weakness and jumped on the opportunity. I got my car broken into and they stole my portable cd player THAT DIDN'T WORK! Ha Ha

Anyway, I guess I was just recapping all the interesting things that have happened to me and I have survived. I always have a hard time in the fall since everything is dying but I have now turned it into a positive thing where I think about the parts of my life that are dead to me that I have shed.
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Monday, October 24, 2005

Everyone is doing it

I had the pleasure of attending a conference for work this weekend. It was rather informative and they fed us food, you gotta love that. One of the topics was listening, haven't I heard that before recently oh yeah Sizzle was talking about it. She was talking about it in reference to hospice care and I was being coached on how to deal with customers. But what I find interesting is everyone is a customer and we are constantly selling ourselves. Also, look at your good friendships, do your friends listen to you. Probably, at least a little other wise they wouldn't be your friend most likely. We have always had those people in our life who talk and talk and talk then ask you a question and interupts your response with something more about them. We all like to feel important whether if we are being sold somethin, in a friendship or just having a hard time. So listen up people you make learn something.
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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Juicy Lucy

This evening is going to be juicy lucy evening. We will go and gorge ourselves and hopefully not have a heart attack from all the greese.

I have taken tomorrow off to bring my fiance to the doctor to have a gangleon (sp) cyst removed from his wrist. He is looking forward to getting this thing off of him due to the fact that it hurts rather bad. So I get the day off from work.

What I have now come to realize I have scheduled a meeting with the neighbor to chat with him about some websites that he needs help with and I also have to work on the IFTA reports for my other job. I know you are all so curious as to what an IFTA report is so I am going to tell you, it is a report to find out how much we have been taxed on our various semi's in each state, on how many gallons of gas per mileage we actually drove. I know this all is so interesting don't be jealous because we all know that the grass is never greener on the other side.

Which reminds me I take care of my parents lawn and it is definately the nicest lawn in their outrageously wealthy neighborhood. They all have it done by someone that they may hundreds of dollars to and they would be correct our grass IS greener than theirs.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Designers or Lack there of

I don't know if any of you out there are graphic designers but if you are please tell me you know that if you are printing something it needs to be in CMYK and also if you are doing something for the web that would be RGB right? I thought that this was a given either that or I went to a really good school (which I know was because I will probably have it finally paid off the day before I retire). The strange thing is I went to school in Colorado and I am now living in Minneapolis which is one of the biggest printing cities in the US and it appears Minnesota graduates didn't learn a damn thing about printing. Sorry I just had to complain out of the fact that I am hoping someone agrees with me or at least feels my pain or perhaps if you are a designer and didn't know the information stated above you have learned something that will pain the people who do your printing less.

Another thing, um if you are going to have a website that advertises that you are a graphic designer, just stating that you can do logos, wedding invitations, mailers, etc isn't the same thing as showing actual work that you have done. Yes I can take pictures but I would much rather show some of my photos instead of describing them on a webpage to get clients.

I recently changed jobs where I am working closer to my field and will hopefully gain the knowledge to have my own business. Working in the printing field as an Account Manager (to learn front of the house operations) and having a degree and 12 years of experience in Graphic Design really makes me wonder what is up with these designers and why they are designing and it is nearly impossible for me and my fellow Graphic Designers to get jobs. They must cost their company's a shit load of money because they don't know how to send things to the printer umm make sure the pictures are there and hmm I am using a really odd font and I haven't outlined it but I bet they have it right?

I think the best things is these jerk offs that call and want a rediculous order done two days from now and you say yes I can do it but what I need from you is to send the file imediately make sure a, b and c are all there. We will send you a proof and in order for us to fulfill your order you need to proof it by 3. Well, I have had two of these nimrods this week. They both sent their file the day after we spoke the day before it was due. Also they missed something in the set-up and took their sweet time getting me the info. Well guess what folks you have now delayed your print a day sucks to be you. We use presses here that take a while to dry on the page it isn't done by a giant inkjet like the one on your desk, it takes time. Um yeah and we need to cut it to the size you ordered we don't print on 2.0x3.5 paper, thus again you have to wait for it to dry or we will ruin your work. Oh and guess what since you didn't send your quantity we couldn't order the Special paper you wanted.

Ok enough is enough, I can't wait for this week to be over. If anyone else would like to share their stories the comments are open and I will make sure to answer any questions about printing or graphic design. I will also answer any comments that agree or disagree with the previous information I spewed down on the internet.
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Growing up and having something to look forward to made the days so long and my mother would always say when you get older the days just fly. Well, that is the truth, especially when they are packed to the brim. Last week was a blur of go there do that and it was all worth it. Friday I crawled into bed and read at 10:00 and we had a beautiful day in the sun relaxing on Saturday which lead up to a beautiful evening. We had intended on going to fill our growlers at our favorite Brew Pub and head home for a night relaxing. We relaxed alright but in front of their fire pick talking with all types of neat people from different walks of life. It was perfect under the full moon and couldn't have been a more spirited place to be.
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Monday, October 10, 2005

Good Friends, Good Food and Good Cheers

This weekend we got to have a friend of ours and his new girlfriend in from out of time. They are an awesome couple, He is a pilot and She is a flight attendent. We spent the weekend showing them a good time in town by going to fabulous restarants and of course the Mall of America aka MOA. To be quite honest I hate the place but thought I could find a pair of black shoes because hmmm there are a million stores, yeah right. I found plenty of shoes I would have liked to have purchased but they didn't have one of these pairs in my size. After that whole ordeal we decided to find them guys, they were in the bar. We of course thought they had headed off to Hooters so we ran up. Where we saw Homecoming dates going in, I so would have kicked my dates ass if he had taken me there, I guess things have changed. Anyway to our surprise they weren't there they were at Tony Romas. Throughout the weekend we hit a few parties, a couple good bars and did some dancing and of course layed around. The best part of the weekend was I didn't even get a head ache from drinking. Of course after Thursday I wasn't going to let that happen.
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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Independence/Married Life is it Possible

Is it possible to live your life with the independency that your used to but also with the person that your heart and you want to spend every moment with? As I have stated before I have lived alone for a really long time. It has been 3 months of spending all my time with my lova and I still want to be with him all the time.

But I really enjoy my alone time.

Tonight he is spending the night at his parent to go to the doctor early to get a ganglion cyst removed. And I am totally loving it. I am not doing anything differant than when being with him but for some reason it feels right.

When we started dating it was important to me to not lose my independence and I haven't but it is myself that makes me feel this way.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder and I thrive on that. So it IS possible if I am honest to myself. Hmmmm...I guess I worked it out, thank you for listening.
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Monday, October 03, 2005

It's getting hot in here

I have a really hard time sleeping on sunday nights, I don't know if it's the anticipation of work on monday or the week ahead. But last night was no different except for it was hotter then hell in the bedroom. It's too flipin' hot for this time of year in minnesota, I don't get it are we going through global warming or what? It looks like fall but doesn't feel like fall, it's nice but can a girl get some sleep up in this piece. I woke up several times barely covered and still hot. But the weird thing is that I woke up once and my engagement ring was off my finger under my stomach. What's up with that? The ring couldn't have fallen off on it's own, did I take it off and if so why. And yes I am full of questions this morning and can't get enough coffee in me to get motivated to get ready for work. If this is what menopause is like take my female parts out right now.
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Sunday, October 02, 2005

...Not Like I Used to

It's really official I can not party like I used to. Ok, I can but it takes a shit load out of me. I had a long week and needed some social stimuli, so I convinced the fiance to go have a drink with his sister. You see he was very tired and didn't want to go out really but he gave in anyway.

We met up with her for a low key drink with some of her friends and then slightly buzzed I decided we HAD to hang out with this friend/we want him to be her boyfriend of hers. So we track him down and go meet up with him. Where I realized my fiance will defend my honor like nobodies business. Some guy was being alittle too friendly and I was just noding and smiling because there was a bit of a language barrier and drinks involve. Well, fiance was having none of this when the guy kept trying to hug me so he charged across the bar and pushed him. My sister and I retreated to the bar and bought him a peace offering and we worked everything out, but I have to admit I felt pretty damn special.

After the bar we went to yet another party and hung out and had a bonfire. On the way out the door I eyed up some nuts in a bowl and shoved a handful in each pocket. We headed to a friends house where the sister and law and I preceded to revert back to kindergarten by cracking these nuts for a good hour with our feet. She was shocked by how I kept pulling these nuts out of my pocket.

Needless to say it felt good to get a tad crazy but it didn't feel so good getting home right before dawn. We couldn't figure out how this girl does this 3 or 4 times a week and then eureka she doesn't have job or many responsabilties.

As fun as that night was I am glad that I live the low key life in the subarbs with my honey, my cats and a turtle. I can't wait for the white picket fence and three car garage.
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