Everything about Nothing: September 2005

Everything about Nothing

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Will they like what I have instore for them

This is a relief blog today. The three females in my family were able to syncronize our busy lives and found a day to look at the wedding dresses. I tried on a few before I tried on "the one". They loved the first two but then looked extremely uncomfortable with my favorite choice. My solution pick out as many dresses as you want and like for me to try on. You gotta have an open mind even when you have your heart set on one. I tried on another 10 dresses and then they had me put on my favorite and now they loved it. In fact they are crazy about it I am amazed. But not really seeing as I thought I would like dresses and they looked like crap you really can't tell until it is on you. My mom and my sister are absolutely thrilled with the dress I picked out but only after making me try on what they thought would look good on me and didn't. Horrah, the 2 biggest things for my wedding are out of the way.

Now I get to think about invitations that I get to design...
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Monday, September 26, 2005

Stressed Out

I am feeling a tad bit over whelmed lately. Starting a new job and getting into the swing of things takes alot of energy. But while doing this I am working at my old job coming up with better ways for them to run their business. I am the youngest one at the company, the lowest paid and am in charged of alot of decisions and I don't even know if I spelled the word correctly.

At home I feel completely inadiquate in the cleaning and feeding myself area and I am sure that my fiance is not appreciating this. However, he has been really understanding of my work load.

Then there is ironing out details for the wedding that I want to get out of the way because they are the big decisions and I will feel better when they are done. I found several dresses that I like but 1 that I think I must have. I have to show my mother of course and it is double what she wanted to pay for a dress 1,000 instead of 500 but thankfully I am working my ass off so the least I can do is pay for what she doesn't want to pay. I don't think she is being cheap or anything but really you can't get a dress made of a decent fabric that will be warm enough for fall in Minnesota. Now my sister wants to be apart of it so I am trying to find time in my life and have to coordinate both of them and the lady who I am working with to find a good time. When all I want to do is order the dang thing because it is perfect and get it over with.

I don't mean to be bitching about this because it is a beautiful thing to be getting married it just seems like I have everyone else running my schedule and life.

I really hope they like the dress I want because that will make things way easier however when you get three women together who happen to be related there is always a potential of a cat fight or a gang up mostly on me the youngest.

Anyway I am trying to keep positive and am just venting online because if you don't want to read this you don't have to and there for I feel ok about getting my frustrations out.

Have a great week and if you think about it send some energy and patients my way.
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Friday, September 23, 2005

Boredom in Answering Phones

Let's start with Wednesday evening. I get home from work and the clouds to the north look rather frightening but other than that it was a gorgeous night 80 degrees mid-september, in Minnesota? I turn on the tv to watch an editedd version of Sex in the City and there is notheing but weather warnings. Apparently, we were in for a doozy. So being the crazy mother/cat woman I collected the cat into the bathroom and found their kenels, I did not want to bring them down to the garage for a third time this year but I was definately willing. Then it hit it was a crazy storm wind and rain, it was all quite loud so I watched it and it eventually blew over. On the tv they reported 100,000 people with out electricity which sucks because alot of people from texas and lousiana had headed up here the day before in hopes of better weather, yeah right.

My mom called and asked if I had power and I did but I looked out the back and noticed everywhere around me was out. The lights flickered a bit that evening and Thursday morning but that was it. As I drove my quick 3 minute drive (yes I drive because I like to come home for lunch), I notice a bunch of trees down. When I pull into work I hear a really loud noise thinking to myself is that a generator. Sure enough my work had no power they hooked the generator up for a few computers and that was it. We scrambled to get jobs that needed to be done to other print shops that had power around the city. I of course being new didn't have anything pressing or anything to do. So I got to sit and answer the phones for 8 hours. The day was so long. I really hope that the power is back on today for I can not deal with another drawn out day especially right before the weekend.
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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Alitttle assistance please

As I have complained a bit in the past about my past work situation and the fact that my boss was very passive aggressive as well as disrespectful and threatened by me. I informed the owner because they can't keep anyone in the position I held (and currently do part time) due to the Office mananger. Well, down below is an email that I received from her after they had a meeting about the fact that I was no longer working there.

ah sure you bettcha! I will figure it out! Kind of sounds like a
foreign language to me!!! (ha, ha, he, he)
Anyway, so how's the new job going? Do you really like it????
What would it take to get you back here????
Why didn't you say you were unhappy? We all had a meeting this morning
and Dave filled us in that you left because you were unhappy?
If you were unhappy w/me, please understand that I have been so used to
doing everything by myself and it is tough to let go. Change is tough
for me and I should welcome it w/open arms! (Dahhhhh right!)
Dave mentioned you didn't like the notes, believe me that was not ment
as any insult in any way it is just my way communicating it is just
easier to write it down rather then sit and talk about it, I just
figured if you had any question you would ask me then I would explain
further. So if I offended you I didn't mean too and I am sorry. I just
wish you would have said something and maybe you would still be here.
You were catching on and I know Dave had many things planned for you
giving you additional tasks to lighten my load, and now that he is
planning on bringing in Quicken he had plans for that for you.
So bottom line kiddo, if you don't like your new job (hope you don't!!!)
we want you to come back here. OK
Now Dave doesn't know I am sending you this, but we were all on
agreement this morning that we would like you to come back if that is
what you want. Give me a call at home or on my cell if you want to chit
chat about this ok I will be out in Maple Grove tonight for a soccer
game, but won't be leaving the house until 6:15? Or call my cell.
Hope to hear from you.

Pretty crazy huh? Wow she actually admitted her faults, hmmm maybe her job is being threatened but she sure kissed my ass in this one which I didn't even know that she was able to do.

So I just keep reading this and letting it soak in before I decided to call. What should I do? Please help do I call and tell her what I think or what?
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Monday, September 19, 2005

McDonalds times 2

This weekened started out with a happy hour downtown minneapolis. We met up at 6 and carried happy hour until 10, we were having so much fun. We went to this new (ok new to me it has been there for 18 months) Jazz place with an excellant outdoor seating arrangement. Luckily it was a beautiful night probably one of the last. We got crazy enough to meet up with some people we normaly don't see. We ended up seeing a band of some friends and heading back to an old friends house because frankly I was not going to drive all the way home.

The fiance fell fast asleep while our friend and I stayed up talking about a difficult ex-fiance he had. She is wonderful, intelligent human being who at 27 just hasn't gotten it together. She had a great upbringing and everything she could ever want, traveling, school paid for and parents that would do anything for her. But she just seems lost in this world. I was trying to explain that no matter how you grew up good or bad we all have our own story and there comes a time where you just need to let it go and move on with your life. This is advice that I have repeated to myself over and over again and believe it or not it worked.

When we woke on Saturday we needed to get to the place where we are hold our wedding so we could put a down payment on the site and hammer out some of the details. In the morning daze after a night of drinking we decided to stop at mc donalds, which we never do unless I guess if we are in this state. Well we stoped and they gave me the wrong food, but at this point I was dead set on Mickey D's so we stopped at a second one. How gross is that.

Sunday we got most of our weekend errands done and I cooked a fabulous pesto penne pasta with pine nuts. mmmmm I get it for lunch today too.
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Friday, September 16, 2005

So Busy

Sorry it has been a while it has been a crazy couple of weeks even though I have had to 3 day weekends in a row. I like not working mondays I wish I could do that forever. This last weekend was get the house in order, go by a new shower head, and a new curved shower curtain holder. I know this is alittle to exciting don't fall off your seat as you read this. Yes, I finally broke down and got a new shower head, see I live in a condo that was just turned into from apartments from the 80's, so there has been a complete floor overhaul, light fixture overhaul and now it is time to start working on the plumping apparel. I have done the fixture in the bathroom but the shower head I think was hung for midgets, I am 5'8 and I have to bend slightly to get the shampoo out of my hair. There have been many a mornings I have clocked my head, usually in a hung over state. Well there will be no more of that...once we get it in. Then we got one of those curved shower curtain holders so it opens the tub area a bit. My mom says that there isn't sapposed to be two people in the shower well sorry mom.

Monday we found a site for our wedding and the fiance gets to approve it this weekend and then its a done deal.

Tonight is happy hour with some friends woo hoo, it's friday. Saturday we were going to do our annual get drunk on rolling rock, get gas all while watching 3 movies at the drive in. But Burn Out 3 will be in our mail box and what can I say I love crashing fictional cars...it's too expensive to crash real cars. That game is the best and I have impressed many a gaming boys with my mad skills. Of course we have it riged so we can burn it right to the xbox.

I am so relaxing this weekend because I have started my new job and have been working part time establishing a new accounting software at my old job which will launch in January. So I have a super busy couple of months which will allow me to save a bunch of money which will be a first in the history of me.

Have a great weekend and keep it real!
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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Mini Prostitutes or Dolls or Hookers?

When I first saw these dolls I was like they are so cute in a candy raver sort of way. Not for a 5 year old. There was a discussion about these dolls on the radio this morning and it was rather interesting. I think that the dolls are way cuter than barbie but are a bit more slutty. You know the short skirts all the make up and the hooker boots. They are quite funky but they definately were not made by kids for kids. Do they encourage little girls to want to dress like hookers? Does barbie? Who really know except for the fact that parents need to do the raising of their children not dolls.

On that note I turn this topic to the television where they will have a bratz cartoon. Now I really wonder what these clubbin', dating, night time street walkin' dolls are going to share with the viewers. This is all food for thought and I am torn back and forth because they are cute but they also look like hookers. Please do tell me what you think.

On a happy note I love the cats.
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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sweet Weekend

I had an awesome weekend, Friday was super low key, a couple of beers and a movie at home 7 Layer Cake, a super sweet English film, highly recommended.

Saturday was the day to go to the State Fair and get crazy crunked. Well, that didn't really happen since it was raining like crazy and just kept getting worse. So we quick scarfed a bunch of food and left. Nice none of us spent over 20 bucks. I think that is the easiest I have ever gotten off.

We then headed over to a get together and I finally have had the honor of being accepted into the clique by my soon to be Sister-In-Law. She is freakin' hilarious and we totally have fun, it is super cool that we were able to get over the whole I hate you you hate me but we really like eachother but we are going to make eachothers lives miserable just because we can.

Someone brought turntables so that was a blast I got to whip out all my records I haven't listened or played in at least a year. There was alittle too much drinking going on and I wasn't as smooth as I had hoped to be but whatever it was still fun.

The night was insane and everyone was getting crazy, some more than others. There is this particular individual who had been talked up like crazy and he shows up and is lame. Number 1 he looked like he was 16 and he was lame. How can you have such a following and be lame, so I decided he was a total Scenester, whatever not impressed. Well, in my drunktardness (spelled that way intentionally) He was standing by the edge of the pool and I walked by and tapped him in. Literally, it looked more like he had jumped. Well, the poor kid handled it well however his whole life is over (socially) because his cell phone is now dead. Shit I didn't even think about that, I didn't have mine on me, oh well it was funny.

Sunday, we get up and eat then head back to my house to have some peace out time. When I walk in my cat makes a weird meow like I had left without giving him food well that wasn't it his sister had been stuck in the closet for 15 hours. I am a horrible mommy. Ok not really I asked if she had been seen in the last few minutes well I guess she is a sneak. She didn't seem to mad and I didn't find any evidence of an accident so I guess we are all good.

The best part of the whole weekend was the purchase of a powerbook G4 laptop, so happy, OH and we got a TIVO woo hoo. Fuck you Comcast.
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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Love Finger

This past weekend we went to a little get together BBQ, a chance for me to show off my ring and boy were we crazy. I managed to make a particular individual almost spit his beer out of his mouth almost every time he took a sip. It was amazying I was on it and whittier then ever. I was pretty much talking about our crazy fun relationship and some of the stupid shit that we say and do. Such as we fart and burp like crazy and we talk about farts and poop. Why...because we can and it never gets old. When we are out in public we forget that "normal" people don't talk about it to the extent that we do or at all for that manner. As the night went on I just kept coming up with new material, maybe it was the lime in my corona giving me this extra boost but we were all in stitches jivin'. We were servin' left and right. One of the party goers decided that we needed our own reality show called "Love Finger". All because I went into some crappy poetic deal about have my engagement presented to me on my love finger closest to my heart. Yeah who knows. So we are going to start "Love Finger"
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