Everything about Nothing: June 2005

Everything about Nothing

Thursday, June 30, 2005

You gotta say you did at least once

I have never been one for going on blind dates at all. I am not your typical girl I don't feel I need to wear makeup or do anything for anyone but myself. For years my mom would be at the bar and "run" into what she thought was a potential date for me. Which meant he drank probably too much, was a mans man(super bro's before ho's type), ultra conservative and of course he had to have a great job. Because there is nothing more appealing then a man with money, right? Well I perfer to actualy like someone for themselves.

The whole funny thing about her trying to hook me up with these guys was I lived 2 states away. She thought maybe she could hook me up and I would fall in love and move back.

When I did finally move back she said she gave some guy my number WTF you don't give your daughters phone number out you get his and have her call. Hellooooo! "So what is he like" I ask. Oh he works at the lumber yard I think he makes decent money he wears baseball caps and has a tattoo I know how you like those things. HMMM ok I don't remember telling her that I am not opposed or anything but she definately is.

So she finally convinced me to go with guy. Fine I have to say in my life time I have gone on 1 blind date and who knows maybe he will be super awesome.

He comes to pick me up in the dirtiest of cars, why wouldn't you at least try to pretend like you are clean for the first date. So we go out for pizza and beers. We get out of the car and this guy looks like he just stepped out of the 80's. He had on high top sneakers (do they even make those anymore), super tapered jeans they could have even been pinned, and a huge gold necklace again WTF.

Well, whatever you can't just judge a book by the cover. So we go in and we start talking and he starts talking about how in love he was with his ex and going on and on. Then about 5 minutes before dinner came his dad called and they preceded to talk about me, the food came and he was still on the phone. Come on, I think he pulled just about every non first date subject on me. I don't even think he payed for the dinner.

So my mom went from high class snobs to white trash. Thanks but no thanks, I can find my own man.
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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

So you think your the best

So today’s blog is all about bragging. Here is the definition and other related words.

adj : exhibiting self-importance; "big talk" [syn: boastful, braggart,
bragging, braggy, big, cock-a-hoop, crowing,
self-aggrandizing, self-aggrandising]
n : an instance of boastful talk; "his brag is worse than his
fight" [syn: brag, crow, crowing, vaporing, line-shooting]

Brag \Brag\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Bragged; p. pr. & vb. n.
Bragging.] [OE. braggen to resound, blow, boast (cf. F.
braguer to lead a merry life, flaunt, boast, OF. brague
merriment), from Icel. braka to creak, brak noise, fr. the
same root as E. break; properly then, to make a noise, boast.
To talk about one's self, or things pertaining to one's self,
in a manner intended to excite admiration, envy, or wonder;
to talk boastfully; to boast; -- often followed by of; as, to
brag of one's exploits, courage, or money, or of the great
things one intends to do.

Conceit, more rich in matter than in words, Brags of
his substance, not of ornament. --Shak.

Syn: To swagger; boast; vapor; bluster; vaunt; flourish; talk

I think my favorite word used as bragging is cock-a-hoop. I think that is the more appropriate sounding word and it is super funny. I don’t think that I have ever really been a bragger but you know it is easy to get sucked into if someone else is doing it. But usually if that is the persons nature they don’t give you the opportunity to interject with your own bragging. The people I have know to brag don’t really have any rights or back up to actually do it. It’s sort of like someone bragging about how smart they are but they really are quite stupid. If you were really that smart you wouldn’t talk about it.

I went to a high school in a rather to do district and it is amazing how many of these people like to brag from a very small age. My family was not as well off back then as they are today. So I got used to people making fun of my non-designer clothes. I pretty much let it roll off of my back what is the point of reacting to it. Also as I got older I realized they were only saying it to impress themselves and make themselves feel better for their inadequacy’s.

Nobody has it all but we all have everything we need.
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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Older Lonelyness

I have lived the last eight years alone and the last five with my 2 cats. I have definately gone through some lonely times. For one I have gotten to the point in my life that I like to have friend that are close to me not just bar hoppin' friends. I also kind of just dropped out of the "scene". It just wasn't for me anymore I guess my lifestyle changed and I didn't even know it. This winter I moved into a new condo and spent pretty much all of December and January working on repainting and getting everything all settled and looking great. My boyfriend live about an hour away not far but we only see eachother on the weekend. I was feeling rather lonely and my family didn't understand that.

About a week ago my mom had her "surgery" and she was telling me how down in the dumps and lonely she was feeling because she wasn't getting out of house. But she had a ton of people coming over and calling and what not. I thought to myself when I was feeling lonely I think it was over a week and my phone didn't ring. Pretty pathetic huh. Well, I keep myself busy so I really don't mind.

What really bumbed me out was my grandma she is 82 and she is in great shape. She cruises around takes care of her plants, sews like a crazy women and anything else she feels like doing. Well, about 3 weeks ago she pulled something in her back and really hasn't been able to do much. Now this women is so great she does everything for everyone else would give her shirt off her back. She has been cooped up and none of the people she has cared for in her community has even come over to entertain her a bit. All of her grandchildren and childrend are a bunch of selfish losers and don't come and see her ever. I go over every tuesday and I love hanging out with her she has the best stories. Yesterday I went over and she is seriously bumbed and it broke my heart how lonely she feels. I don't blame her one bit.

I guess this just makes me wonder why people don't think alittle bit more about the people in their lives and stop acting so selfish. We are all extremely busy in this day and age but calling or stopping by a friends house you haven't talked to or even returned their call in while can really up lift someone's spirits. So I am asking anyone who reads this to send a card, a thoughtful email, a call or a visit to someone you haven't talked to in a while or someone who you think may be lonely.
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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Crunk Gobblet

So the bbq was great. Not many people showed which meant more beer for us! D got a pimp gobblet aka crunk gobblet to drink out of. He of course loved it. We brought a bunch of fireworks because what else are you going to do in the ghetto except for have loud firework contest with a distant neighbor. The hot wings we brought were a total hit. We did get him a card but it wasn't your typical b-day card it was a sympathy card, he of course loved that too.

The main event of the evening is when he showed off his freddy crouger glove. Over the years in my mind it seemed to have changed and I forgot how truly impressive this thing is. Of course everyone took turns trying it on.

The rest of the weekend we spent in the pool or out on the pond on a raft. This weekend was one of the best weekends both weather and activities. I wish all my days were as good as this one or at least as relaxing.
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Friday, June 24, 2005

First Comment

I already submitted a blog for the day but this is worth it trust me.

So I finally got a comment from someone who has read my blog. Woo hoo I am all excited someone actually read it. How nice so I open up the comment and it is a solicitor basically, aka bible banger, anit abortionist.

I have no problem with anyone whoever you are posting a comment I welcome and will remain nonjudgemental of your views but ONLY if you have something to say about the blog.

Ok now that I have gotten that straight.

Thank you all for your patience.
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Summer Weekend Yeah and Turnin' Old

So it is finally hot ass summer where you can go skinning dipping in the middle of the night because it is still freakin' hot. I am so glad that it is friday, they never seem to come quick enough. At about this time every friday I am ready to go sit outside on the deck with a cold one. Tomorrow my friend is going to have a BBQ for his birthday he is the first one out of us to turn 30. It's weird I always thought that that was so old when I was even 20 and now I maybe think 70 is starting to get old. I can say I am excited to turn 30 I am over my 20's.

If there was one age you wouldn't want to be again what would it be?

I can say 19 for sure. It was such an awkward age in between teen and adulthood plus you thought you knew everything. And you did right? If I met my 19 year old self today I would kick my own ass.

Then I look at my parents and wonder when am I going to start needing cheater glasses? Is that inevidable I suppose it is. At least they make them somewhat fashionable. For me it's another thing to lose. But what I can't wait for is menopause, that is going to be a blast. Ha Ha
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Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Strange relationships we encounter

I started dating when I was 17 years old. You make think to yourself what is wrong with this girl. Well, that's exactly what I thought at the time. I didn't think that I was too ugly, I knew I had a good personality and liked to have fun, isn't that enough? I asked a boy to the prom my Jr. year but was denied, oh well he ended up becoming a fat loser with no future. Like so many of them after losers that is. I came to the conclusion that I scared the shit out of these guys. In fact years later several of the guys I had crushes on poured out their love for me. I was like what the Fuck.

So it is now 11 years since my first date actually to be exact 11 years yesterday. Some things you just don't forget I guess. Since then I have scene and dated it all. My first relationship was 4 years long. Boy was it weird to REALLY start dating when your 21 years old. I didn't know what to do. I did realize very quickly that sex does not mean love in the dating world.

The funny thing is the group of "skaters" that my friend and I hung out with I definately wouldn't say friends with it was more or less a house to get drunk and play video games and watch them on the half pipe. One of the members decided I was a slut, hmm I thought I haven't slept with any of you nor kissed any of you. My friend on the other hand had done all of the above and more, she wet the couch cuddling one night. So for years Joe hated me wouldn't talk to me and tried to encourage everyone to follow his lead, when I would see him out he was just a complete ass. This went on for 3 years and I just let it roll off my back because I knew who I was, all of a sudden one day he said that he was sorry that I had proved to be a very consistantly good person. I was flaborgasted. People don't usually admit that they are wrong.

While I was still in Denver I had a few boyfriends that didn't last long because quite frankly they didn't have their shit together. I then started dating a friend of my and he was perfect minus his alcohalism which ended our 2 year relationship but not a bad note. He is now a proud father and I can still say to this day he is one of the most kinds loving people I have ever had the luck to encounter and spend time with.

After him I started dating a co-worker who wasn't even legal to drink yet and I was 23 but it didn't matter we worked at a resteraunt and partied at a bar that give a shit. Everything was fine and dandy for a bit but then it went sour or we just weren't at the same point in our lives. He wanted to get fucked up on drugs and I was pretty much over that plus I was going to move anyway. But here is a little side note that is really hilarious of this character.
While we were in the relationship he shit the bed pretty gross and he wasn't all waisted or anything and it was a log. WTF When we were in the seperation point he spent the night and did it again. Thank god they were his sheets but boy did I want to do some evil things with those sheets when I found out that he had cheated on me. I had plans of going and whiping his own shit on the door handles all these crazy things. But I am a women of my word, we were friends before we date, good friends and I told him the next guy that doesn't have enough balls to break up with me and cheats on me instead with get a black eye. Well he had been avoiding me so I cornered him at the bar he used to hang out at on Sundays and confronted him and sure enough he was cheating on me and so being that women of my word he ended up with not one but two black eyes.

After I moved back to my home town I hooked up with some guy who had the hots for me in college. We started dating and it was getting sort of serious but he would make sure that I had to look perfect before we went anywhere, kind of weird whatever. I had also heard "rumors" that him and his roommate had dated, he was a male. But that was denied pretty much. However they did act really strange around eachother and this individual didn't like to have sex the conventional way if you know what I mean. Well he out of the blue quite calling well I had a bunch of shit at his house that I wanted so I went over there and he happend to be coming home when I was leaving and he said to me you better figure out YOUR sexuality. Well, lets just put it this way I like dick. Plus why would he say any of this unless he wasn't happy with himself. My mother thought that I was going to marry that one.

Then there was this dreamy guy who was super romantic hmm all of a sudden he didn't call me back. Well finally he came over and we talked and I said look I know you are seeing someone else. He said yes I am we have been dating for 2 years. Boy did I feel like a complete shit head.

It just kept going downhill. I started dating this guy who I thought was the shit but ended up being a complete shit. He was abusive and waited until I let my gaurd down and then he broke me into a million pieces. He broke my nose, he fucked up my hip by slamming me into a brick wall, put a nail head through the skin on my shoulder and none of that compares to the psychological abuse. I did learn alot about myself, that I am strong and no matter how far someone pushes me I don't get physical. I grew up in a household pretty much like that relationship (hmm wonder why I date him, was it familiar hmmm) and I was scared that I would turn out to be like that but no I actually am very normal and non physical, not passive not controling.

About a year later I dated someone from my highschool the first person ever, weird. We go along super well worked well together and he actually fell in love with me and that is why he couldn't date me anymore because right now his business had to be first well duh I wasn't looking to get married that afternoon and he wanted me to be the first thing in his life not his career. I totally understood that but I didn't understand why we had to break up just like that when things were going well.

I was crushed and I was rather sick at the time and trying to figure out what was going on with me. Well, it ended up being precancerous cells blah blah blah still dealing with it but had an operation to remove it all. Anyway I was hurt and lonely and quite pissed because he stillwanted to be friends, fuck that.

I was pretty much done with men when I happend to stumble along a good one...
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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

One word EWE

Why exactly do people get face lifts. I prefer not to have surgery just because I want it. Well my mother decided all the diamonds and jewelry and the new cadillac and all that shit was just not enough for her so she decided to get a neck lift. Well this happened on monday and I went to see her yesterday and it was the grosses thing I have ever seen. I couldn't look at her while I was eating. I also found out that not only did they do her neck they did her eyes and cheeks too. I bet we won't even look related anymore, I guess that is fine because I don't want to look like I am trying to be younger than I am. Its weird they actually sew the cheeks its like one of those dolls and her ears are just cover in blood on the inside and they apparently didnt' touch those.

She had made the appointment a few months ago and I have done my share to talk her out of it. What happened to age gracefully? Shit I am not even thirty and I have more gray hair showing then her. Anyway so my day, her and I were out and I said "so what's next" nothing this is all I want. My dad said "next will be the boobs then the stomach then her hips and by that time we are going to have to start all over again with her face. Well my grandma told me before she went in for this she was already talking about getting her hips done. Well, fuck get off you goddamn lazy ass and do something about it then. And you know what women have celulite I am 5'8" 120lbs and I have it for god sakes.

Plus she has need so much attention like it is a life threatening disease or something when she is the one who wanted it. I haven't given much simpathy considering I just had boarderline cancer removed from my cervix and she didn't give two shits. But then again I am the selfish one because I live in poverty with a very good degree and the ambition to be job searching and marketing myself for 4 years and she has spent over 60,000 on cosmetic, cars and other shit that is worthless. I am sitting here with a student loan that just keeps going up and up and up.

So point of my story facelifts are gross and unnecessary and will not help your self esteem and if you have money to piss around you should make sure your family is doing ok.

I am now done with my rant.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Law and My Encounter

So back when I was 21 my friend and I decided to meet my parents for happy hour and then run by a friends house to see if she wanted to go dancing. So we grabed some vodka and cranbury juice and sat on her porch waiting for her to come home. Eventually we bored of this and took off to the club. We had a few drinks there but it was boring so we decided to go to perkins and eat. On the way my friend had a BRIGHT orange cap gun in the pocket of the passenger door, no caps mind you. My friend said "shoot the moon" it was a full moon outside. So I pick up the gun and go boom. Well by the time we pulled in the parking lot at perkins 6 cop cars had me surrounded. Needless to say they brough me downtown and booked me. In the morning they let me go and said the charges have been droped. Well several years later it apparently showed up on a background search that I was charged with crossing boarders with a fire arm. Because I had an out of state license. So that is my story of my jail experience.
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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Hard getting started

Boy was it hard getting going on saturday. If it weren't for the fact I was starving I wouldn't have gotten out of bed. I wasn't feeling the best from the night before but it was a perfect day to go swimming so that is what we did. Of course there is the normal saturday errands which always end with a stop at the liquor store. We got home and watched a movie and went to bed early to get up for the fabulous father's day events. My b-friends family rules my on the otherhand apparently canceled fathers day without telling me. I guess my mom saying pick a time with your sister and I will supply the food wasn't really plans. Well I think that that is bullshit to be blunt.
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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Beautiful Weekend

This weekend was nice, very nice and warm it was fantastic. On friday I got to leave work early which was perfect since it was a 90 degree day and perfect for sitting on the deck and drinkin' beer. I waited for my b-friend and another friend to come over and we drank beers. Around 7 we decided we were all very hungry and my friend d's mom was in town so we invited her along (out of obligation). Boy was I in for a surprise I have know D for about 12 years since we grew up in the same neighborhood I knew his mom pretty well too. His parent went through a divorce, I guess almost 2 years ago. Well his mom took the money and hootched herself up. She was acting like a 19 year old, lookin' for clubs, wearing a short skirt. Definately acting younger than her company us at least 30 years younger. I guess that is what happens if you get married and pregnant right out of highschool like they used to. Boy am I glad I have had my freedom to find someone I actually know and want to spend the rest of my life with. She left after dinner, we sat and waited for another friend to show up 3 hours after he was sapposed to. With our boredom and drunkiness we played darts and were the first ones on the dance floor getting everyone else to dance. It was fantastic, people buying shots which I usually don't participate in but did on friday. They gave me my second wind.
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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Last blog on background

Over the last 10 years I have spent my time finding myself and trying to figure out what life is really about. I moved back to where I grew up to try to patch some of the craziness between myself and my parents. I am glad I have come back because I have changed myself because you know you can’t change others. That is one of the things that really jump started my “recovery” or “deprogramming” from my childhood. I also have learned I am not the only one who had a shitty childhood I think everyone has because different things mean different thing to different people.

I have had many interesting relationships over the years and have learned a lot and grown quite a bit as well. I consider myself as a rather strong individual with a decent head on my shoulders. I have worked for everything that I have and feel very confident about the direction of my life.

Ok enough of the background.
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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The years beyond

Through out high school and my first years in college I did a lot of writing and did a lot of painting. This was my escape needless to say. I was going to school in the same state I grew up in because that was the parents rule so I went to the school where I could snowboard, boy did they hate that. Anyway, I started out as an accounting major even though I really didn’t get it at that time, but I was good at math so what the heck. That didn’t last long because I was doing poorly in my business classes and didn’t understand why. I decided after flunking a class that I was going to get an A the second time around no partying for me. Well I got a D, major improvement huh. So I went to the learning disabilities lady because I was like this is just bizarre. So she ran test after test after test. The only thing she concluded is that everything was beyond superior on the charts except for my reading comprehension, which was normal for a sophomore, but because it was so much lower than the rest she diagnosed me with comprehensional dyslexia.

I pretty much concluded that I was a hands on learner and that accounting was not my deal because it wasn’t very interactive. So I changed my major to graphic design even though I really had no understanding what the final outcome would be or what they do. I just though I am good at computers and I am artistic. So I got to change to the Art department I was so excited until I started taking classes with a bunch of pretentious snobs. I thought this would be a better time than any to pack up and move to the mountains to ride everyday and to take sometime to really figure it out.

Believe it or not it worked. I ended up taking a class at the community college as well as working 2 jobs and decided I am going to go to art school for graphic design. So I looked into some programs and found a private art school that had the program I was looking for and that is where I finished my bachelors in less then 3 years, thank you.
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Monday, June 06, 2005

High school embaressment

Sorry if you bored with my blog it will get better after I am done validating myself and my accomplishments. It is very nice to see them in print, don’t you think.

So high school pretty much sucked. I didn’t fit in anywhere or I fit in everywhere who knows. I really had to groups of friends that I hung out with. I hung with the orch dorks (orchestra dorks) and then the big pant wearing skateboarders.

I was a cheerleader and if you actually knew me you would know that this is the farthest from me as possible. My reasoning for being was I had danced for so many years and I wanted to be on the dance line but unfortunately that group of girls where considered very sluty. I being the person I am did not want that association so I joined the cheerleaders. I liked it for the first year but then felt obligated to stay in the group for my over demanding hard to make proud parents. So I started smoking cigarettes and wearing my green doc martens (they weren’t fady back in those days) with my green cheerleading outfit. Boy did I hate those skirts because I was so skinny and had long legs this thing barely covered my ass. Boy did I get made fun of by my friends. I thought maybe that would get me a date to the prom. I even asked someone to go with me my junior year and got totally denied. Oh, well.
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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Dance = Music

Since I was in dance growing up I really liked dance music anything you could shake your ass to. My first tape was "The Art of Noise" thank you max headroom, pepsi and mtv. I still mix it and love it 16 years later. My first cd was "Dee-Lite" another one that I still listen to. I loved "Pump up the Jam" I still haven't been able to find that on vinyl. All of this music led me to techno music while I just started highschool. I would go to the music store and since I didn't really know too much about it I would find the tripiest album cover and buy that one. Like the "Kickin'" collection. I loved "Plasticman" I always like his logo. This then lead to dance parties (raves) where we would dance all night at these random venues. I was there for the dancing and the dancing only. I don't even think I really realized that everyone else was fucked up on drugs. I was a very naive teen. Which is fine with me, I didn't start doing that shit until my second year of college and by that time the rave scene wasn't really there and the clubs were kickin' some legal parties so you didn't have to worry about getting caught.

Since I loved all these things it was only natural that I would start mixin'. I was intimidated for years to even try it but then I said fuck it. I now enjoy recording it into the computer and manipulating it and remixing it. Or just messin' around with sampled sounds.
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Saturday, June 04, 2005


I started paying the violin at age 9 and happened to be a bit of a prodigy or at least I picked it up rather quickly. I ended up out learning the people who had played since 5. My parents had no clue where this talent came from since no one anywhere in my family played an instrument. I have now been playing for 20 years holy shit that is crazy to be saying that you have been doing anything for 20 years. Of course I really wasn't a prodigy I just seemed and still am able to pick things up quick. I get really good at something reach a plateau and then I start something new. I get bored I guess, but I keep using all the talents that I have aquired throughout my life.

Besides the violin there was my casio sk1 I believe it was called. You could record things and play it back. Man I loved that thing, I taught myself how to play piano on it. As I got older I kept it but didn't really used it until I met my friend D. he was into the electronic music like myself way back in the day and he actually made crazy mixes with all sorts of equipment. I thought that it was time to pass it on to someone who needed it. The funny thing is that I helped him move a couple of weeks ago and low and behold there it was with the rest of his studio equipment. My boyfriend took a look at it and started laughing he thought that I had put the notes on each key with tape, um I don't think so that would be D.
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Friday, June 03, 2005

The first sports

I started playing catch with my dad when I was younger and pretty much liked to do any activity. I grew up with a bunch of boys in the neighborhood so I did whatever they wanted to do.

But true passion was soccer. My parents I think thought I was nuts but I loved it and I was actually pretty good at. As soon as it was available in my age group I signed up for a traveling team. I think this annoyed my parents because this was just more driving for them. I played soccer through high school even though the girls I had played with for years and years were a bunch of bitches. It was strange in high school being on the same team as your childhood enemies.

One girl that was on my team that didn't go to my school and I either hated eachother or loved eachother. But it did end in pure loathing hate. The funny thing is she was best friends with my best friend. He didn't really make a point to battle us or anything. Well about two years ago my parents moved into the same neighborhood that her parents had moved into. I had a christmas party at their house because my space was too small and K. invited KT without asking and was nervous about my reaction. Come on I said that was 10 years ago thats great I can't wait to see her. She came over and we decided the reason for hating eachother was we were to similar. We also had lived in Denver at the same time and didn't know. We still get together when she is in town or when I get out there.

All I have to say is man kids can be mean to eachother.
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Thursday, June 02, 2005

1st Interest out of the shoot

I guess my first interests as a kid was dress up. My cousin and I used to dress up and put on little plays at all of the holiday functions. We always had a great crowd, the drunk parents. We made up dances but then they got a little karoke machine boy was that a blast. I had totally forgotten about that until a few years ago Sally pulled out a tape of us singing some Cindy Lauper song or Madonna song. Man we were the shit.

All of this led to my 15 years in dance class and perfoming in contests. I learned it all tap, ballet, jazz, toe, jazz tap, lyrical. My first tap song was "New York", ballet was "The Sun Will Come Out" from Annie we all had Annie like dresses but in all different colors but I was lucky enough to have the actual Annie colored dress.

Then of course it was time to change into a teenager aka puberty which did really happen until I was almost out of High school. So needless to say I was not real thrilled about flitting around in a leotard but I kept it up.

The funny part of this whole activity is I still do it and my mom yells at me for being a cluts after all the money she spent on my dance lessons.
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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

1st blog

I decided to start a personal blog because, well, I have nothing better to do with my time at work. It's not like I don't have anything to do, its just that I get it done so very fast. I spend my day's trying to find good blogs and reading them as well as search the web for interesting technology, online classes you don't have to pay for and just plain weird stuff. I really like using stumble, its an extension that allows you to push a button and it finds strange sites for you to take a look at that you would not normally find. So needless to say I was inspired from all you great bloggers out there.
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