Everything about Nothing

Everything about Nothing

Monday, September 25, 2006

So much to do so little time

Well, I believe now is the official count down to my departure to Minnesota for our wedding.

Work days left 9days 3 hours woo hoo
Weekend days to get stuff done 3

What needs to be done well lets see part of the reason I am blogging this is so that I can actually document a list for myself because currently I have 15 lists going in different notebooks, scratch paper etc.

Get my parents a gift since they have gone above and beyhond witht the wedding.
Get my sister a gift for being the made of honor.
Make sure there is enough food for the cats and litter for when we are gone.Get house key duplicated
Wash clothes for both the week before the wedding and the honeymoon.
Don't forget earrings.
Send out label for hot sauce
Send out wedding itinerary via snail mail already done on email.

Well, that is all I can think of right now I am sure I will be adding because this just doesn't seem to be that much. How could I possibly be this on the ball?
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Friday, August 25, 2006

Ready for the weekend.

Well, it is raining which is fine by me since we are going to Minnesota for the weekend. They are having tornadoes at least a little more exciting than just rain.

Yesterday was a successful day. I finally got my new monitor at work which totally rocks. I also finally got my first commission check which was even better than I thought it would be. Then with that check I payed a radiculous amount of bills in the atm out the check book.

Well, I am off to have some coffee and start my packing.
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Been a long time

Well, where do I begin. It has been a while. I have almost settled into my job. I have taken on alot of roles and have been keeping really busy which is good it makes the days go nice and quick.

The wedding planning is going very well! The invitations go out next week. It has been crazy moving out to the east coast we have somewhere new to go to every weekend. Since we have been here we have gone to a funeral in phily, a belgian beer festival in upstate new york, climbed a mountain in new hampshire, found shoes for the wedding in providence. I love it here.

I have also been back to Minnesota for the crazy bridal showers, it is crazy how much stuff you get for getting married it is sort of embarrassing. I get to go back again this weekend because my cousin is getting married and we have to meet with the photographer, flower person, get a fitting for my dress, fitting for his tux, meet with the people where we are getting married and get to the jeweler to drop off rings for engraving and to find my man some cuff links for a gift for the wedding day.

We booked all of our reservations for the honeymoon and I think that this is what makes this whole thing feel like it is coming together. We are going to be staying right on the ocean and we are renting a jeep wrangler. I have never been to Kaui and I am super stoked.

Will try to keep this updated more often.
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Thursday, May 18, 2006

What are you all about

This is a quick little list that you should copy and post on your site and then let me know when you have done it so I can check it out


Jeans: DKNY because they are stretchy
Underwear: boy shorts
Sneakers: addidas
Day Bag: coach
Socks: Socks with little snowboarders on it
Signature Accessory: Scarf

Food and Beverage

Craving: Taco Bell (there is not one near my house I haven’t had it in 3 months)
Diet plan: Don’t have one
Coffee: Dark Roast usually French Roast
Coke or Pepsi: COKE!
Beer: Guinness
Cocktail: Gin and Tonic


Cell phone: T-mobile nokia flip phone with camera
Computer: All Mac (G3, G4, and Powerbook G4)
Television: Huge Flat screen.
Favorite Toy: Turntables
Last Song Added to your iPod: Bjork

Grooming Products

Moisturizer: Aveeno with SPF15
Cologne: -----
Razor: electric
Shaving Cream: none


Favorite Music Genre: Electronic
Guilty Pleasure: Sleeping
Worst Job You Ever Had: Starbucks
Your Philosophy: You gotta keep it real
Magazine Subscriptions: MacWorld
Last Book Read: Currently reading the Psychology of Doh (the Simpsons Psychology)
Final Thoughts: Copy and post this is fun
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We finally had a nice day here in Boston. Alot of Mass is in a State of Emergency due to the mad amount of rain that we have recieved in the last week. But finally we have had some relief from the down pour the last two days. So yesterday I went downtown to have lunch in the Commons. My fiance and I went to the Falafel King and the guy behind the counter thought we were from Ireland. My fiance is a Mahoney 99% Irish but I am the one with the freckles. I sure will earn my new last name with my freckles. Anyway it was a splendid day.

Today I finally had a chance to get my hot peppers and tomatos in the ground. I rearrange the patio and also planted the rest of my flowers. I went over and cut some fresh lilacs and now my house smells all perty yes I said perty.

I finally have had a few bites on my resume which is awesome. I have an interview tomorrow just 4 miles from my house. Wish me luck
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Friday, May 12, 2006

Water everywhere

About an hour ago I went out to get the mail and I here the rush of water and look up and there is water running down the hill I live under or on the side of but there was water rushing down the landscaping to my front porch. So I go to see what it was and it appeared somebody had backed into the fire hydrant right at the top of the hill. So I call management and they were really rude and it took them 10 minutes to get up the hill to see what was going on and another 10 minutes to turn off the water which I don't think they did because the water is still running down the hill an hour later and I have no water in my townhouse. My garden is now completely floating and there is dirt everywhere. So there is still water running and I can't quite figure out what they are going to do about this situation let alone adjust there attitudes in the office. Thanks for letting me bitch alittle bit. Have a good day!
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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wiped Out

This past weekend my parents came out to visit and to wear me out. We walked and walked and walked some more. We got to do a lot of fun things and had an absolute blast. The weather couldn't have been any better thats for sure. But it is now rainy which kind of sucks since I have a tomato plant and a bunch of peppers that I need to get into my garden. My yard is really shaping up, I got most of my flowers in pots and all of the vegtable seeds in the ground woo hoo. My parents brought us a water fountain for our house warming, but I still need to get an extension chord so I can place it in the place we would like it in permenantly. It is amazing how much time you can spend in a garden, watering, removing those great weeds and just plain watching everything grow. My job search is on along with me putting togther my portfolio to get it up on my website. www.catsmeowdesigngroup.com Right now I only have the coming soon screen but have been working to get something solid up of my portfolio. So there you have it the update to the life of a a stay at home gardner/webdesigner.
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Monday, May 01, 2006

It's Amazing How...

one can be so busy without a job. Well, I have been turning over the garden and got a bunch of veggies seedlings planted. We will see how that goes its more of an experiment than anything. I also got a bunch of flowers planted. I do need to get one more pot because I just bought too much, but it does look beautiful.

This week is the week to prepare for my parents coming to stay with us. It is kind of nerve wrecking but we will make it through. Have a good one!
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